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• Bryson et al. 2010 ApJ, 713, L97; arXiv:1001.0331, 24-Mar-2010.
• LaCourse, et al., arXiv:1503.01829v1, 6 Mar 2015.

22 April 2015
                          Kepler K2C0 Blended Eclipsing Binaries

False positive EBs, caused by direct pixel response function (PRF) contamination (Bryson2010; ref. below) between 19 pairs or triples of EPIC targets, are listed below in Table 1. Six of these were also correctly listed in LaCourse2015 (ref. below; their Table 5., pg. 44).  Two other pairs: 202126863 & 202126867, and 202073489 & 202073362, that were listed in the LaCourse reference are actually not blended EBs; this can be seen most readily via detailed comparisons of expanded x-axis (time) vs. light flux plots.
Table 2. summarizes data to be found for these systems in the SIMBAD database.